AutoProtect - Embedded Automotive Insurance: The Digital Insurance Partner for Car Dealers

In cooperation with AutoProtect we created an entirely new, embedded dealer-centric Test drive deductible insurance product, which is fully digital and groups insurance for the dealer without any intervention for the individual test drive.

„As a digital insurance specialist in the automotive industry, we are particularly pleased to have gained a strong and dynamic partner in ELEMENT. Our AutoProtect SB-KundenSchutz is a modern and smart solution, as every car dealership is looking for customer service improvements and customer loyalty. We solve the problem of high deductibles for test drives and workshop/accident replacement trips for thousands of car dealerships and millions of dissatisfied test drivers.“

Lars Schilke

MD, AutoProtect GmbH

AutoProtect is a leading InsurTech company that specializes in providing cutting-edge digital insurance solutions for the automotive industry. Established as a startup in 2018, AutoProtect has quickly risen to success, particularly in the realm of car dealerships, with their state-of-the-art B2B and B2B2X platforms for car insurance. They are known for their innovative and contemporary approach, developing highly effective insurance solutions for car dealerships and manufacturer banks, among other applications.

Project result

The decisive factor was the quick joint project implementation, as well as the complete technical integration between AutoProtect and ELEMENT, including the application process, backend administration and damage handling.

The results are clear: Through AutoProtect’s innovative solution, car dealers will continuously expand their customer service and customer loyalty.


The embedded insurance in Test Drive process

Easy to handle and individually adaptable to car dealers needs

Immediate protection provided for test driver by car dealer “flat rate”