SHB: Cyber insurance for artisanal food producers

In cooperation with SHB Allgemeine VersicherungVVaG, ELEMENT has launched a commercial cyber insurance for artisanal food producers. The individual product is specially tailored to the target group of SHB -bakeries and patisseries - andis available throughout Germany.

The insurance solution includes various protectivemeasures in case of emergencyincluding complete data recovery by IT forensics experts and compensation for financial losses due to cyber-crime. Furthermore, the policy includes preventive measuresto educate stuff about potential cyber risks. The highly specialized insurance product guarantees the highest market standards.

As a traditional insurer of the bakery business, we are reacting to the current needs of our customers with our new cyber insurance. Together with ELEMENT, we have developed a tailor-made insurance product for bakeries that - at least for the food industry - is unique in this type of specialisation

Dr. Rolf Ulrich

Board Member SHB

SHB Allgemeine VersicherungVVaG is a specialist insurer for bakeries and patisseriesand offers modern insurance solutions tailored to the needs of private and commercial customers.

Project result

The jointly developed cyber-insurance of ELEMENT and SHB shows, that the adaptation of insurance products through special coverage concepts for defined target groups makes individual insurance solutions possible. These special insurance products can be  
adapted exactly to the needs of individual branches of everyindustry.  

Hence, fully digital and customizable insurance solutions set new market standards, as the benefits correspond exactly to the expectations of the policyholder.


IT forensics experts resolve damage on site

Adaptable sums insured

Online training for employees on data and cyber security included