Die Bayerische: Comprehensive cover for high-quality bikes

Shifting up a gear: Die Bayerische and ELEMENT are collaborating in the Mobility segment. Resulting in a new digital bicycle insurance, 100% customer-centric and with an outstanding value for money.

One trend has become apparent in recent years: cycling enthusiasm in Germany is on the rise, and high-quality e-bikes and pedelecs, in particular, are right on trend. In cooperation, a completely digital bicycle insurance policy was launched which is particularly customer friendly. High-quality bicycles, e-bikes and pedelecs can now be insured with a tailor-made cover.

"The last few years have clearly shown that the enthusiasm for bicycles is increasing, not only in the big cities, and high-quality e-bikes and pedelecs, in particular, are very much in vogue. We were therefore looking for a partner with strong technological capabilities who could offer rapid product development as well as a complete online service in the after-sales area. We decided to work with ELEMENT because that's where their strengths lie."
Joachim Zech
Head of Marketing

About Partner

The insurance group die Bayerische was founded in 1858 and consists of the companies Bayerische Beamten Lebensversicherung a.G. (parent company), BL die  Bayerische Lebensversicherung AG and the composite company BA die Bayerische Allgemeine Versicherung AG. The total premium income of the group amounts to over 715 million euros. The Group is continuously increasing its equity capital  and is well above the industry average. The group manages investments of  around 5.1 billion euros. Nationwide, more than 12,000 personal insurance agents are available to Bayerische's approximately 1 million customers.

Project result

The partnership between an Insurtech and a well-established insurer illustrates the many advantages of such a cooperation because it allows each partner to play to its strengths. The challenges for an insurance company, such as cost pressure on IT, hiring specialists or a rapid market launch of a new product, are solved by working with ELEMENT.

ELEMENT gains a strong sales partner who can access a large network. This ensures, on the one hand, that the product is launched nationwide and, on the other hand, that the digitalisation of insurance products progresses. At the same time, this kind of partnership at eye level symbolises the digital transformation that the insurance industry is currently undergoing. The credo: "Cooperation instead of disruption".

Product Highlights

No deductible in the event of an insured event

Insurance of high-priced carbon bicycles possible

Wear and tear of tires and brakes is insured

Mitversicherung des Reisegepäcks

Products used

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