Expatrio: Customised repatriation insurance for international students and expats in Germany

Working with Expatrio, ELEMENT has developed a new repatriation insurance – as part of the two Expatrio products Value Package and Health Insurance Plus.

The innovative insurance product provides specially tailored insurance cover for international students and expats planning to live in Germany for a limited period of time.

Should it become necessary to transport the body back to their home country, the family of the insured will not be burdened by organisational or repatriation expenses.

ELEMENT has developed a product for us that integrates perfectly into our portfolio and, on the technical side, can be offered as an integral part of the application procedure.

Alexander Ruthemeier

Founder Expatrio

Expatrio is a digital relocation platform for international students and employees planning to live in Germany.

Expatrio offers a customised solution to minimise the bureaucratic processes associated with moving to Germany, e.g. opening blocked bank accounts. We work with trustworthy partners, such as Techniker Krankenkasse (a health insurance company) and ELEMENT, with whom we conclude the relevant insurances required under the German system.

All our solutions have been approved by the German Foreign Office.

Project result

Repatriation insurance from Expatrio and ELEMENT is an innovative insurance product for a sensitive issue. The product can be fully customised to suit the needs of each person.


Customised insurance solutions in this form are new in Germany.

We warrant compliance with religious and ethical requirements.

Repatriation is handled by skilled specialist contractors.