FairTravel: Flight delay without hassle

FairTravel insures customers to enjoy all the advantages of the successful air passenger rights portal FairPlane and, thanks to the coverage with FairTravel, to receive the full compensation they are eligible to!

"With ELEMENT we found an ideal partner. ELEMENT not only offers the technological platform, but also the insurer license, necessary according to German legislation, to implement this innovative travel insurance in record time."

Mag. Andreas Sernetz

CEO FairPlane

FairPlane is a customer-centric online platform, assisting passengers in claiming reimbursement payments in case of flight delays, flight cancellations, denied boarding or missed flight connections.

Project result

Within a few weeks FairTravel policy was developed together. For only EUR 9.90 per year, clients are insured, can claim up to two cases per year and receive the full compensation in justified cases. Other similar solutions on the market charge an average of 25-30 per cent success commission, whereas with FairTravel, FairPlane guarantees a 100 per cent positive customer solution.


Only EUR 9,90 for one year of insurance

Get 100% compensation in case of an eligible flight delay

Up to two claims per year