HORIZONT: Unique and tailor-made products for MGAs and insurance brokers

Digitisation confronts MGAs and brokers with new challenges. The HORIZONT Assekuranz GmbH has now taken a step to give its own portfolio a digital orientation and therefore partnered with ELEMENT.

With a strong Internet presence, the company has begun to establish its own brand "Save Plus" on the German market, using two white label insurance products from ELEMENT. Previously, the products were adapted to the specifications of HORIZONT.

The highlight of the new partnership is the development of an innovative deductible insurance for the automotive sector, called "Car Save". The product idea from HORIZONT was implemented within a few weeks - completely in line with the partner's wishes.

"Together with ELEMENT, we have succeeded in bringing a unique additional product for comprehensive vehicle insurance to the German market in a very short time. All the advantages of digital insurance solutions can be seen here: fast product development, target group-based tailoring, low costs and simple product administration."

Nils Vogel

CEO HORIZONT Assekuranz GmbH

HORIZONT Assekuranz GmbH offers individual product solutions for financial service providers.

The tailor-made products are characterised by innovative and unique terms and conditions. At the same time, HORIZONT relies on modern, fully digitalised settlement processes.

Project result

Digitisation does not stop for MGAs and insurance brokers. A step towards digitalisation of existing portfolios can be particularly valuable for MGAs and brokers if new product ideas are realised at the same time. In this regard white label products show their complete potential, as they allow MGAs to strengthen or to build-up their own brands.

Digital insurance solutions can be implemented quickly, enrich the portfolio and are easy to administrate; hence, leaving more time to insurance agents to focus on customer retention. However, the crucial factor is here, that the high quality of the products fully meets the requirements of modern insurance brokersor MGAs.

In ELEMENT, HORIZONT has found a partner who fulfils all these requirements for MGAs and brokers. With the new digital product line HORIZONT now has positioned itself for a bright future.


Liability minimisation for the financial consultant

Implementation of new product ideas

Fully digital insurance solutions for insurance brokers