CCN Insurance Services: Reliable protection in case of unemployment or incapacity to work

ELEMENT and CCN Insurance Services, the experts for innovative and specialized insurance products, have jointly developed a digitally payment protection insurance, which safeguards customers against running costs, e.g. bank loans, in case of unforeseen strokes of fate.

The insurance solution takes effect in the event of unemployment and inability to work, so that customers can continue to meet their monthly financial obligations. In case of accidental death or disability due to an accident, the total loan amount can be paid off in a single payment.

The product has a modular structure and offers four tariff variants – this way CCN Insurance Services consequently reacts to the different needs and life situations their customers.

Together with ELEMENT we have developed an innovative insurance product for a sensitive topic - completely adjusted to the needs of our customers. As a partner, ELEMENT has convinced us with the speedy realisation of our requirements, as well as with a solution-oriented approach to complex issues. This is a pillar for every trustworthy partnership.

Jörg G. Scheidel

CEO CCN Insurance Services AG

CCN Insurance Services AG develops innovative coverage concepts and flexible insurance solutions as an underwriting agent. The specialised products are offered through a broad network of insurance and sales partners and help to refine their portfolio and increase customer loyalty through needs-based solutions.

CCN Insurance Services aim to provide a simpler and more accessible customer experience.

Project result

The digital payment protection insurance from ELEMENT and CCN Insurance Services AG combines protection against the financial consequences of unemployment, incapacity to work and disability as a result of an accident in one product.  

In this case the use of ELEMENT's unique product platform was fully utilised to design a highly specialised insurance solution in several variants. As a result, an individual insurance product was created.

Modular and customizable insurance products are in ever-increasing demand and are becoming more and more important. We are already taking this future industry standard into account today with our payment protection insurance.


Insurance benefit for unemployment and incapacity to work 

Single payment in the event of accidental death or invalidity due to an accident

Flexibly adaptable sum insured