Vodafone: Cyber Insurance for private customers

Together, ELEMENT and Vodafone have developed a new cyber-security insurance for private users of Vodafone’s mobile net. With the innovative insurance product ELEMENT and Vodafone are reacting to the increased demand of customers to obtain effective protection from cyber-crime while using the mobile phone or tablet.  

The customer centric insurance solution is especially designed to offer protecting against the principal risks of cyber-crime: fraud in online shopping and online banking as well as identity theft.

Customers can take out the cyber insurance particularly quickly via the smartphone thanks to an integrated automatic number recognition.  

The insurance product is natively integrated into the Vodafone world and can be combined with other offers from Vodafone to an all-inclusive package deal against cyber-crime.

"In cooperation with ELEMENT we developed the private cyber insurance in just a few weeks. ELEMENT was able to fulfill our high requirements regarding safety and protection necessities for our customers very quickly, whereby, the technical integration process ran smoothly."
Michael Reinartz
Director Innovation Vodafone

About Partner

Vodafone is one of the leading telecommunications suppliers in Germany. Every second German is a Vodafone customer - whether he or she surfs, phones or watches TV; whether he or she uses the Vodafone technology at the office, farm or factory.

The Düsseldorf-based company provides Internet, a vast mobile net and television. As a digitization partner of the German economy, Vodafone's customers include start-ups, medium-sized companies and DAX-listed corporations. No other company in Germany than Vodafone connects more people and machines via its mobile network. Today, Vodafone reaches almost 24 million households with its nationwide cable-glass-fibre network, around 18 million of them at gigabit speed. In 2021 Vodafone will expand 5G for 20 million people.

Project result

The newly developed insurance solution offers worldwide protection against cyber-crime and identity theft. Particularly, financial losses in online banking caused by phishing, pharming or skimming are insured. The insurance can be bought with just a few clicks directly via the smartphone on the Vodafone website.

Furthermore, the private cyber insurance shows the possibilities of technical integration of insurance solutions into the product environment of enterprises and corporations.  

Product Highlights

Global protection against online shopping fraud

Online banking fraud and identity theft protection

Purchase directly via smartphone

Kombinierbar mit weiteren Angeboten von Vodafone

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