Wetterheld: Weather insurance for weather-related revenue losses

Wetterheld weather insurance enables business customers to insure specific days or an entire season against bad weather – and all conveniently online.

The ELEMENT Team understood our idea of an innovative insurance right from the beginning and have supported us in implementing this idea, making it legally watertight and technically first-rate. Instead of thinking inside a departmental box, their approach is interdisciplinary and involved entire processes. Instead of endless meetings, we had milestones and results. This gives us a good feeling.

Nikolaus Haufler

CEO Wetterheld

Wetterheld is a Hamburg-based start-up that sells traders parametric insurances for weather-related revenue losses.

Project result

Thanks to collaboration between Wetterheld and Deutscher Wetterdienst (the German Weather Service), ELEMENT and Wetterheld succeeded in creating an innovative parametric insurance for business customers.


Insurance against snow, rain, high temperatures or low temperatures, with a wide choice of parameters

Insurance cover for specific hours, days or months

Customised coverage, depending on the needs of the policyholder

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