Michael Buttner

Technological specialists in fully digital insurances

At ELEMENT, technological specialists are already deeply involved in the sales process to help implementing new insurance products in record time. Today, we talk to Michael Büttner, Senior Solution Engineer, member of the Sales Department at ELEMENT Insurance AG. Backed by his extensive technological background, he makes sure that ELEMENT always finds a perfect solution for our business partners’ needs.


Best Insurtech Trade Shows 2018

Top InsurTech Conferences in 2018!

We look back on a fantastic event season in 2018 so far, where we attended many eminent conferences and summits, met great people and introduced our insurance platform to a wider audience. And now we look forward to upcoming months, where you can find us taking part in several national and international InsurTech and technology events. Find below the top conferences and events for anyone caring for insurance and technology:


CTO - Henning Gross

A glimpse into the work of an InsurTech company CTO

Today, we would like to introduce ELEMENT’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Henning Groß. Henning joined ELEMENT in January 2017, when we turned our innovative concept into a reality and then a fully licensed insurance company.


We are proud of our journey and the tremendous progress achieved with Henning’s support and expertise. In the following pages, we invite you to take a look at his work at the heart of our company.


Digital Insurance

Digital Insurance: Keeping Established Brands Successful

Digitization is moving Germany’s insurance industry: Is it necessary to become a digital insurance company in order to continue to influence competition in the future? Or can the industry stick to proven processes and simply improve existing services and modernize core systems? Between these two extremes lies a smart solution: the cooperation with a fully digital insurance product factory with BaFin-license as risk carrier.