Perseus Cyber Cover for SMEs

About the Project

Perseus and ELEMENT have together developed the first commercial cyber protection cover for companies. Cyber Cover provides comprehensive protection and contingency measures in the event of a cyber attack.

Perseus offers companies a 360-degree service for cyber security and data protection. We seek to establish a long-term security culture for the prevention of and defence against cybercrime, as well as financial security in the event of an attack. The service includes regular phishing simulation tests, browser-based staff training, a 24/7 cyber attack hotline and smart antivirus software. 


First commercial cyber protection cover

Covers emergencies of up to €50,000 

On-site loss recovery by forensic IT experts

Data recovery and system improvement

All over the world, the risk of a cyber attack is growing at high speed. Using ELEMENT’s expertise, Perseus has developed a product that addresses the specific needs of different customer groups and puts the focus on risk prevention.

Richard Renner
Managing Director of Perseus

Project Result


Cyber Cover is the perfect security supplement covering prevention, emergency assistance and financial security. The product has been jointly developed and put on the market by Perseus and ELEMENT within a very short time. This innovative premium product offers extremely good terms and excellent protection in an emergency.

Insurance Product used:

Cyber security

Commercial Cyber Insurance

Protection against cyber crime is increasingly important for small and medium enterprises. Our Cyber protection offers prevention methods, helps your customers in an emergency and offers insurance coverage.