Versicherung09: Insurance for fans

About the Project

Together with SIGNAL IDUNA we created Versicherung09 – a one-of-a-kind insurance product for fans of Borussia Dortmund (BVB). Versicherung09 is a multi-line product combining a home content insurance with a private liability coverage and features exclusive fan benefits.

SIGNAL IDUNA is one of the largest insurance companies in Germany and official partner of BVB – one of Germany’s most successful football clubs.


Versicherung09 was developed together with fans for fans

Home content & Private Liability tailored towards BVB fans

Exclusive fan benefits like insured merchandise or lump-sum payments if you miss a match due to certain circumstances

Innovative cash back feature: Every goal of BVB earns policy holders 09 cent (up to 9,09 EUR per year)

We liked the innovative approach — and the possibility that our fans could benefit from our success.

Carsten Cramer
Managing Director Sales, Marketing & Digitalization at Borussia Dortmund

Project Result

Versicherung09 provides fans with a premium cover that suits their needs. That’s probably one of the reasons why Focus Money, one of Germany’s leading finance magazines, featured Versicherung09 as their ‘Product of the Month’ in May 2018. After the first brainstorming seasons between Signal Iduna, BVB and ELEMENT Insurance it was clear that real BVB fans have to be included into the product development. In only a few months the idea became reality and Versicherung09 was officially released in May 2018.

V09 web

Insurance products used:


Home Content insurance

Our home content insurance meets the highest market standards. In addition, our product system is completely modular so that we can tailor the product to your needs.

icon-private liability

Private Liability insurance

Our private liability insurance was developed with an attractive coverage and competitive pricing in mind. The insurance details are completely modular so that we can tailor the product to your needs.