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We are specialists in tech, in insurance and in sales. We are well versed in navigating convoluted processes and regulatory environments.


We focus on the parts of the insurance value chain you do not want to or cannot focus on – like claims, payment or risk carrying.


Home Content insurance

Our home content insurance meets the highest market standards. In addition, our product system is completely modular so that we can tailor the product to your needs.

Private Liability insurance

Our private liability insurance was developed with attractive coverage and competitive pricing in mind. The product is completely modular so that we can tailor it to your needs.

Build your own product

We are happy to develop suitable insurance products for you and your target group.

Third Party insurance

The third-party driver protection is an innovative insurance policy if your customers want to lend out their own vehicle to a person who is not included in their existing car insurance.


Young Driver insurance

Young Driver insurance is an innovative product that provides coverage in case you lend out your private vehicle to any person aged 17-20.



Car Rental insurance

Our Car Rental insurance covers deductible and other potential risks when renting a car.


Test drive insurance

The test drive insurance covers the deductible when test-driving a new or used car at the dealer. Test drives when buying a car from private individuals are also covered.


Cyber security

Commercial Cyber Insurance

Protection against cyber crime is increasingly important for small and medium enterprises. Our Cyber protection offers prevention methods and helps your customers in an emergency.



Flight Delay Insurance

Our flight delay insurance is an innovative product that helps your customers with claims in accordance with EU regulation in case of a flight delay.




Warranty Insurance

Our warranty insurance covers spare parts of standard used vehicles within Germany.


Accident Insurance

Our accident insurance offers the best insurance cover at a fair price.


Private Cyber Insurance 

Global protection for individuals against cyber-crime.



With our services we support you with sales and marketing of insurance products

Rest API


Thanks to our APIs you can integrate ELEMENT natively into your systems and develop custom solutions – be it In-App purchase flows or CRM-integration



We support BiPro 420 and 430 as industry standard

White-Label Customer Portal

To help your customers when they need it we provide a White-Label customer portal that can be adjusted to your brand. In the portal, customers can file claims and change personal data.


Cloud Hosting

Our tech platform is hosted by Amazon Web Services so that we can scale easily and handle traffic spikes at ease.


Marketing videos

Marketing Videos

We produced various videos that help your customers to understand the sometimes difficult world of insurance. The videos are license-free and can be tailored towards your brand.


WL Antragstecke

White-Label Purchase Flow

We provide you with a White-Label purchase flow to immediately start selling insurance products without development effort. The purchase flow can be adjusted to your logo and colors.


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We optimize sales potential including portfolio extension

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