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Home + Living

Private Liability Insurance

Our private liability insurance was developed with attractive coverage and competitive pricing in mind. The product is completely modular so that we can tailor it to your needs.

Home Content Insurance

Our home content insurance meets the highest market standards. In addition, our product system is completely modular so that we can tailor the product to your needs. 

Private Accident Insurance

Our accident insurance offers the best insurance cover at a fair price.




Private Cyber Insurance

Global protection for individuals against cyber-crime.


Payment Protection Insurance 

Financial security in case of unemployment or incapacity to work as well as in case of illness and accident. 

Pet insurance

Dog Owner Liability Insurance

Essential insurance cover for dog owners.


Dog Health Insurance 

Our digital premium product for man's best friend.  


Travel + Leisure

Flight Delay Insurance

Our flight delay insurance is an innovative product that helps your customers with claims in accordance with EU regulation in case of a flight delay. 

Car Rental Insurance

Our Car Rental insurance covers deductible and other potential risks when renting a car.



Third-Party Driver Insurance

The third-party driver protection is an innovative insurance policy if your customers want to lend out their own vehicle to a person who is not included in their existing car insurance.

Young Driver Insurance

Young Driver insurance is an innovative product that provides coverage in case you lend out your private vehicle to any person aged 17-20.


Test Drive Insurance

The test drive insurance covers the deductible when test-driving a new or used car at the dealer. Test drives when buying a car from private individuals are also covered.

Leasing Protection 

Our digital leasing protection safeguards lessees against additional costs due to damages when returning the car.

Warranty Insurance

Our warranty insurance covers spare parts of standard used vehicles within Germany.


Car Deductible Insurance

In case of damage to the vehicle, we will pay the deductible. 



Cyber security

Commercial Cyber Insurance

Protection against cyber crime is increasingly important for small and medium enterprises. Our Cyber protection offers prevention methods and helps your customers in an emergency.

Innovative Weather Insurance

The insurance for weather-related revenue losses.




Repatriation Insurance 

Tailor-made protection for expats and students from abroad.




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