Innovative Weather Insurance 

Many companies are dependent on the weather – especially farmers and event organisers, but also open-air cinemas, ski lift operators or showmen. If the weather during a season is not as desired, considerable financial losses can be a consequence. 


Our parametric weather insurance protects companies from weather-related sales losses fully automated. 

Our Offer


Protect farmers, gastronomy and event organizers with ELEMENT’s innovative parametric weather insurance against financial losses due to weather extremes. Offer effective protection against too much or too little rain or snow and at too high or too low temperatures.

The combination of live data from the German Weather Service with our advanced tech platform makes automated claims payment feasible.  



Based on the location of the nearest weather station your tariff will be calculated individually  



Up to 90 days are possible 


Make use the latest technological possibilities 

Integration of weather data from the nearest weather station 

Safety in heat, cold, rain or snow 

Completely digital application in real time 

Fast and uncomplicated pay-out 

Selection of our sales partners


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