Key Account Management: Taking our Partnerships to the next level

Key Account Management (KAM) at ELEMENT means more than just maintaining business relationships – for us, it stands for the development of sustainable strategic partnerships. We strive to understand the individual needs and goals of each partner to provide tailored solutions and unparalleled support.

The KAM team is the central point of contact for our partners, guiding them through challenges and unlocking new opportunities. Together, we develop clear, actionable plans and execute them consistently. As trusted advisors, we offer transparent insights into our joint programs to achieve successful growth together. We believe that each partner is a cornerstone of our business, and through proactive engagement, detailed planning, and relentless dedication, we aim to build long-term and successful relationships.

Empowering Vehicle Owners: MENEKS and ELEMENT's Dynamic Partnership

MENEKS teamed up with ELEMENT, a leading insurer dedicated to empowering MGAs across Europe, to introduce advanced warranty solutions for new and used vehicles.  

Leveraging ELEMENT's expertise in digital insurance and MENEKS's specialization in tailored warranty systems, the partnership aims to deliver comprehensive coverage and peace of mind to vehicle owners. Check the partnership highlights in this video!

Hepster: The One-Stop-Framework for Fast Growing Insurance Segments

hepster and ELEMENT have entered into a strategic cooperation in order to act faster and more efficiently together in fast-growing insurance segments.

To this end, both partners have created a flexible framework with which they can offer a complete solution from a single source, from insurance products to claims settlement – and thus offer partners insurance solutions for distribution in the shortest possible time. Hepster manages the process with the partners, while ELEMENT acts as a risk carrier.

Our fully digital insurance products reflect today's market needs.

  • Easy administration through fully digital processes
  • Adaptable to your needs and those of your target group
  • Modular integration into your value chain
  • Customer-friendly performance and coverage
our product range

Your product in your brand.

  • The primary customer relationship is with your brand
  • White label modules adapt to your brand and CI
  • We don't own a B2C brand, we will not compete with you for your customer
  • Parts of the value chain such as claims handling can be handled through you or ELEMENT - according to your wishes and needs
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