From Contact to Go-Live

At ELEMENT, we believe that onboarding is not merely a transactional process but a genuine partnership. Our goal is to create an onboarding experience that is not just efficient, but enjoyable and productive. Whether it's a sprint or a marathon, we remain dedicated to providing the speed that our partners can confidently control and fit to the product in launch, paving the way for a successful and enduring collaboration.

If you are new to the world of insurance, we smoothly guide you through the large number of regulatory and formal requirements. We guarantee a completely transparent process in creating or customising your product. If you are already familiar with the insurance sector, you will appreciate talking our insurance experts at eye level. Our digital insurance solutions will help you accelerate your strategic and product priorities.

Onboarding process

Each onboarding experience is one-of-a-kind, encompassing distinct requirements, challenges, and decisions. Our adaptability allows us to match the pace of our partners.

From first idea to go-live, we have implemented a structured onboarding process with clear milestones. Our onboarding process of new partners is a distinct feature of ELEMENT and unique in the insurance world.


Together, we discuss your product idea in several workshops. During those, you can see how your product idea takes shape and define the main milestones and goals.

Project planning

We outline the product design and relevant processes, including the effort assessment, resource assignment and an estimate on the Go-live date.


We develop pricing, documents, and APIs. We integrate into our partners' value chains flexibly and seamlessly – through REST APIs and other industry standards such as Bordereau.


Within just a few weeks, your insurance product is ready for the market, seamlessly integrated in your customer experience. Start selling!


Optimise your sales with a diversified portfolio. After the go-live, develop further new and existing insurance products with our continuous support and increase your revenue streams.

Get started

Contact us for more information about our offering, your ideas and connect about the potential to provide your own digital insurance solutions.

Our fully digital insurance products reflect today's market needs.

  • Easy administration through fully digital processes
  • Adaptable to your needs and those of your target group
  • Modular integration into your value chain
  • Customer-friendly performance and coverage
our product range

Your product in your brand.

  • The primary customer relationship is with your brand
  • White label modules adapt to your brand and CI
  • We don't own a B2C brand, we will not compete with you for your customer
  • Parts of the value chain such as claims handling can be handled through you or ELEMENT - according to your wishes and needs
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