State-of-the-art technology

As a technology company, the insurance solutions we provide are fully digital. Our technology professionals are continually supporting and developing our unique modular product platform, setting the industry benchmarks for the future.

Fast, flexible and secure

Our platform permits the development of innovative, specially tailored insurance in record time – including dynamic, data-supported pricing.

Fast, dynamic & secure

We run on serverless microservice architecture using Amazon Web Services, Salesforce and proprietary functionalities to enable fast product creation, dynamic and data-enhanced pricing and automatic fraud detection. Our platform and the visible parts to your customers can be integrated either seamlessly through APIs in your systems or instantaneously through our Plug & Play-services.

How would you like to work with ELEMENT Insurance?


Use our REST APIs natively to integrate our insurance products into your existing sales channels and customer communication.


Logo, colours and language of our plug-and-play purchase flows and customer portal can be automatically customised to your brand. No development is required, and you can start offering the right insurance products for your customers straight away.

Half of our employees are developers. We keep developing our insurance platform and continuously add innovative functions, so that we will always set standards in the industry.

Ready-made white-label purchase flows and customer portals

Flexible REST APIs for seamless integration into your systems

Innovative product development at record speed

Customer-focused digital communication