Janin Krüger(She/her)

Junior Customer Success Manager

I am probably the youngest full-time employee at ELEMENT, nonetheless, I was given the chance to prove myself i n what i do. I believe ELEMENT provides a great opportunity for ones development and the right environment to meet a great team of amazing and supportive people. 

At ELEMENT, we are committed to making insurance 100% digital with our holistic combination of modern technology and a smart approach to data. Our “Eye on ELEMENT” series dives into the amazing people dedicated to making this a reality. We also explore what they do, their passion and what drives them to succeed,

This edition, our guest is Janin Krüger, who is a Junior Customer Success Manager in our Insurer Sales Team.

Tell us what you do at ELEMENT 

 I work in the back office at ELEMENT and support our insurer sales team in all sales-related activities. This includes the preparation and post-processing of customer meetings, the creation of presentations, revenue charts and reports in Salesforce and also a lot of research and analysis. Additionally, I take protocols and organize meetings, prepare campaigns and much more.


You have been at ELEMENT for a while,how has your career progression been like and are there key achievements you're most proud of?

Since I started working at ELEMENT, I have learned an incredible amount of new things in a relatively very short time. Among other things, I have been given the opportunity to pursue my own idea for an insurance product and to participate in individual projects in the front office. I also help to revise the current onboarding and take part in English-language workshops.


What skills have helped you succeed in your personal and professional development 

Ambition,endurance, initiative and the courage to “jump into the deep end” have always brought me forward. Not only this, but also, the willingness to work together instead of against each other to be successful and try out new things has always been very important to me. In addition,I am a very communicative person who loves to meet new people.



Which of our values resonate with you and why? 

 I choose “ONE – We celebrate and support each other”. It is very significant  to feel welcome and a part of a great team. We are better together!At ELEMENT, one is guaranteed of support, everyone is there for one another and helps when the need arises. There is a sense of pride in being part of growth and success of the company and also experienceing personal development whiles doing this. All these things are very significant to me!



What are three things that many people don’t know about you?

Heres a random Fact; I have a good memory for numbers (for example, I know the mathematical constant PI by heart up to the 35th digit after the decimal point). I have also been playing the piano for almost 14 years and grew up with Off-Road Rallye Sport. Lastly, I once won an Egyptian dance competition.

Is there anything you want to say to a potential candidate looking to apply to ELEMENT? 

I have neither an Abitur nor a university degree so far and, at the age of 20, I am probably the youngest full-time employee at ELEMENT. Nevertheless, I was given the chance to prove myself, and it was recognized that it's about much more than just a certain checklist on the CV. I think ELEMENT is a great opportunity for development and to meet a great team of amazing and supportive people. 

As always, we would like to thank Janin for taking her time to answer questions and give us the scoop on her personal/professional life. Janin’s continued hard work at ELEMENT has been significant in helping us shape the future of insurance.  

We are always looking for talented people to join our team and grow with us. Head on over to our careers page to check out what new positions we are hiring for.

This interview was conducted by

Jacob Aryee

Jacob is part of the Marketing and Communications team and heads up ELEMENT’S Employer Branding and Internal Communications. Originally from Ghana but currently based in Berlin, he has a background in Communication, Marketing, and Psychology. When he is not caught up in cat videos, halloumi and listening to Prince, he spends his time globe-trotting in search of good food and exploring amazing cultures.

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