ELEMENT – empowering MGAs across Europe

ELEMENT is a BaFin-licensed P&C insurer, with the vision of empowering MGAs across Europe as a strategic ally to build and grow their business.

Our goal is to become the first choice for MGAs and reinsurers across Europe. As a data-driven primary insurer, ELEMENT enables MGAs across Europe by accessing insurance capacity and managing risk by cooperating with reinsurers. We are already licensed and approved in all European countries and support MGAs all across the EU.

Our partners

What our partners say

ELEMENT partners with MGAs across Europe, whether they specialise in underwriting or embedded insurance. Whether they're offering multiple insurance lines or just one, they all benefit from working with ELEMENT. As an innovative insurer with a global approach to embedded insurance, we bring value to MGAs no matter their starting point.


Pan-European Capacity & International Approach

MGAs have access to EU-wide insurance capacity via Freedom of Service (FoS) legislation, which enables the cross-border provision of services with one license only.

ELEMENT’s partners do not need to navigate across multiple national entities and approval processes. By dealing with ELEMENT as a licensed counterpart, they can launch their insurance solution in multiple European markets simultaneously.

Compliant Sustainable Primary Insurer

Reliability is prioritized in every facet of our collaborations. Our success is underscored by a diversified portfolio, reflecting a thoughtful and adaptable strategy.

Over the past years, ELEMENT has experienced steady and sustainable growth and our seasoned management team – comprised of industry experts and visionaries – plays a key role in steering our course toward continued success, fostering a culture of innovation, reliability, and enduring partnerships.

Fast time-to-market

The technological expertise, optimised processes, agility, and fast decision-making capabilities of ELEMENT enable us to move swiftly without compromising on reliability.

At ELEMENT, we prioritise delivering results in weeks – rather than months or years. We adjust our speed according to our partners’ needs and preferences, and our dedicated partner onboarding and account management teams ensure a customized and tailored experience that aligns with our partners’ goals and objectives.

Neutral Partner

In adherence to our core principles, ELEMENT upholds a non-compete ethos, emphasising ethical and transparent collaboration. We prioritise the integrity of our partnerships, affirming that we do not engage in the distribution of products developed by our partners.

Entrepreneurial Mindset with an Ambition for Growth

ELEMENT boasts a team driven by an entrepreneurial mindset, fuelled by an unwavering ambition for growth. Our dedicated professionals are committed to innovative thinking and seizing opportunities to propel our organisation and our partners forward.

With a focus on adaptability and forward-looking strategies, we embody a culture that thrives on ambitious goals and continuous advancement.

Reliable Technology: Data-driven Insights

As a technology-driven insurance company, ELEMENT combines the best of the worlds of technology and insurance. We think in data when working with our partners to find the best risk transfer solutions.

Powered by our tech stack, we can help our partners manage and optimise their portfolio, driven by lean and transparent data exchange models.

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