MENEKS and ELEMENT's Long-Term Collaboration in Automotive Warranty Solutions

MENEKS teamed up withELEMENT, a leading insurer dedicated to empowering MGAs across Europe, to introduce advanced warranty solutions for new and used vehicles. Leveraging ELEMENT's expertise in digital insurance and MENEKS's specialization in tailored warranty systems, the partnership aims to deliver comprehensive coverage and peace of mind to vehicle owners.

“As MENEKS, we wanted to expand our product portfolio to include traditional repair cost insurance and were looking for a provider that could implement our ideas quickly and digitally. ELEMENT became the obvious choice. It is important to us to have a dynamic partner which understands our needs and is able to offer our customers faster and better solutions.”
Florian Schäfer

About Partner

MENEKS, with over 45 years of experience, specializes in tailored warranty solutions for new and used vehicles. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their streamlined processes and competitive pricing, making them a trusted choice for automotive warranty needs.

Project result

The collaboration between MENEKS and ELEMENT brings forth a digital repair cost insurance, providing robust protection against premature wear and defects in mechanical and electrical parts. This strategic alliance enhances customer satisfaction and signifies a commitment to innovation in the automotive warranty industry.

Product Highlights

MENEKS and ELEMENT forge a long-term dynamic partnership to introduce repair cost insurance, addressing customer concerns with fast, digital solutions.

Repair Cost Insurance provides robust protection against premature wear and tear and defects in mechanical and electrical parts, offering a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in automotive warranty solutions.

By merging ELEMENT's digital insurance proficiency with MENEKS's tailored warranty systems, the partnership creates a seamless and reliable coverage solution, setting a new industry benchmark for excellence.

Die erfolgreiche Partnerschaft zwischen MENEKS und ELEMENT ist ein Beispiel für Innovation und Zusammenarbeit im Automobilsektor und zeigt das gemeinsame Vorhaben, Kunden mit zukunftsweisenden Lösungen auf bestmögliche Weise zu unterstützen.

Products used

Repair costs insurance

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