SCHUTZGARANT: Optimal protection for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches

ELEMENT and Schutzgarant GmbH are entering relatively new territory with this cooperation, as an insurtech is partnering with an insurance company for product creation.

Since its founding, SCHUTZGARANT has relied on efficient digital processes, including web-based contracts, online claims notification and other administrative services such as shipment tracking and repair status in real-time. Not only the elimination of paper but also the repair of defective equipment itself and the resulting longer use increase sustainability and thus conserve resources and the environment.

The cooperation with ELEMENT - the specialist for digital white-label products - was, therefore, a consistently logical step to build on the previous strengths, without large personnel expenses or investment in IT. With new, fully digital products, customers are now offered even more service.

At the same time, SCHUTZGARANT's independence is strengthened, as the customer interfaces and claims processing remain in the hands of SCHUTZGARANT.

"From the first meeting to the finished product it took only eight weeks! For an MGA, this fast implementation of new product ideas is crucial for competition, especially in a competitive market. Together with ELEMENT, we will develop further innovative products within a very short time and offer them to our customers in a tailor-made manner."
Thorsten Winter
Managing Director SCHUTZGARANT

About Partner

Schutzgarant GmbH develops and markets warranty and insurance products for smartphones and electrical appliances. A good price-performance ratio and an exceptional level of service are what set us apart.

"The service product "ReparaturGarantie 1+3", which we developed ourselves and which is unique on the German market, is the best example of new innovative products that cover exactly what end customers need most for new and used devices of any age:

Display and battery damage on smartphones and extended warranties on electrical appliances. We have made it our mission to identify and close the existing gaps in the market. Accordingly, we plan to constantly develop our products and create new ones."

Project result

SCHUTZGARANT specialises in insurance solutions that do not correspond to the standard scope of common solutions and involve exposed risks.

The adaptation of products to pointed coverage concepts and the development of niche solutions for partners can be achieved with ELEMENT's platform. The differentiation of the product was therefore achieved in close cooperation with SCHUTZGARANT. Other products in the B2B area for corporate customers will follow immediately.

The modular division of the value chain according to ELEMENT's principle was used in a targeted manner to achieve the best possible result for both partners. Hence, responsibility for the distribution of the product as well as claims processing and customer service were handed over to SCHUTZGARANT, as they are experts in customer interfaces. The cooperation with SCHUTZGARANT shows how the collaboration between an insurtech and an insurance company functions along a modular value chain in a solution-oriented manner.

Product Highlights

Design, material or manufacturing damage after the expiry of the warranty is insured

Drop, breakage and liquid damage are insured

Flexible sums insured

Ohne oder mit geringem Selbstbehalt

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