Pet Health Insurance

Be one of the pioneers in a strongly growth-oriented market and offer your customers our Pet Health Insurance with many unique selling points—an absolute premium product.

Cover the specific needs of pet owners with our two product variants, Full Health Insurance and OP Insurance, and benefit from the particularly high customer loyalty of this target group. By dividing the insurance into different tariffs with different benefit ranges, you give your customers the opportunity to get to know the many advantages of the Pet Health Insurance and to choose the product that best suits both animals and humans.

Product highlights

Product variants Full Health Insurance and OP Insurance with respective division into Basic and Plus tariffs, which can be selected from your customers

Insurance cover for all cat and dog breeds possible

Free choice of vet and clinic, billing amount up to 4-times the GOT rate, and flexible cost assumption options (80%, 90%, 100%) can be selected

Annual preventive care bonus up to EUR 100 for preventive measures such as dental prophylaxis, worming/vaccinations, preparation of health certificates, etc.

Teleconsultation/Telemedicine included in all Full Health Insurance tariffs

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