Dog health insurance

Establish your company as a supplier for digital pet insurance products in a rapidly growing market. Offer your customers a dog health insurance with above-average benefits.

Become a pioneer in a strongly growth-oriented market and offer your customers our dog health insurance with many unique features - an absolute premium product.  

With our two variants - comprehensive and surgery protection - you can respond to the specific needs of dog owners. Benefit from the exceptionally high level of customer loyalty of this target group.

Our surgery protection insurance can be offered as a separate after-sales product. This gives customers the opportunity to get to know the many advantages of dog health insurance.

Our fully digital product allows for flexible premiums. For example, you can offer discounts for regular customers or exclusive conditions for special target groups.

Product highlights

Available as a combination of a comprehensive protection, OP-protection and small XS OP-protection, other variants possible

12 months minimum term, then annual renewal

Immediate insurance cover worldwide

Price increase instead of less coverage when the dog gets older

Preventive services and dental prophylaxis

Case studies utilising this product

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