Payment protection

Unemployment, incapacity to work or for instance fatal accidents - are unpredictable and can unfortunately affect anyone. Against the financial consequences, for example in case of loss of monthly income, our payment protection insurance guarantees widespread security.

ELEMENT’s digital payment protection insurance safeguards your customers and their families in tough times. The product offers protection against unemployment or inability to work due to serious illness or accident. The repayment of monthly expenses - through loans or other obligations - is secured by the insurance.

Additionally, our insurance solution offers protection through a one-off payment for death by accident or death from a serious illness.

Product highlights

The payment protection insurance is available in four different tariff variants with 12 months minimum term, afterwards yearly termination

Insurance benefit for unemployment and incapacity to work

Single payment in the event of accidental death or death due to serious illness

Flexibly adaptable sum insured

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