Private Liability insurance

Our private liability insurance was developed with an attractive coverage and competitive pricing in mind. The insurance details are completely modular so that we can tailor the product to your needs.

Product Sheets- Private Liability

Our offer

The private liability insurance is conceptualized as TRIO product line (bronze/silver/gold). The product and variant names can be chosen by you.
Of course we are also able to create products for special target groups, e.g. students, senior citizens or the public sector.

Price example

XX Euro  Year

*Based on bronze tariff…



Bronze equals basic protection. Silver consists of extensive coverage. Gold is the highest coverage.


Monthly / Yearly

Customers can terminate their contract every month. Payment can be done monthly or yearly. 

Product Highlights

Our product line – especially the Gold variant – include great features:

Insured sum up to 50 million Euro

Best-in-class guarantee in Gold-tariff

Comprehensive coverage concept

Selection of our sales partners


Please contact us if you want to offer our private liability insurance with your branding.