ELEMENT is your partner for digital insurance products

ELEMENT Insurance AG is Germany's only 100% cloud-based InsurTech and holds a license from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) as a primary insurer for property and casualty insurance. ELEMENT can therefore operate as a risk carrier in all EU countries and is a completely independent insurance company - without restrictions of any group affiliation.

ELEMENT is the only digital insurance company in the European market that has the capabilities to create P&C solutions along the entire B2B2X insurance value chain, including claims settlement. The exceptional combination of insurance and technology makes ELEMENT a change leader in the insurance industry.

ELEMENT’s clear vision for digital insurance solutions, supports establishing a new industry standard for product innovation and partnerships in the insurance marketplace. As a licensed and independent primary insurer, ELEMENT handles the risk coverage for all products.

With a proprietary modular tech-platform, ELEMENT is a specialist for providing custom-made white-label solutions to partners across all industries. The combination of full-stack insurance and state-of-the-art tech makes ELEMENT a strong, fast, and reliable partner for the digital insurance market of the future.

The B2B2X approach

We believe in empowering our partners to distribute personalised insurance products to their customers and to build strong ecosystems. Our sole interest is to always get better at what we do best: providing 100% digital and customised insurance solutions for our partners. All insurance products are completely white-labelled and market via our partners in their brand design. This approach makes it possible to grow and strengthen eco-systems and offer a 360-degree service to end-customers.

Our guarantee to our partners

We care as much about your customers as you do. With ELEMENT’s approach to the market, we make sure that you can offer insurance solutions that totally reflect your customers’ needs: digital customer-centric products, services and availability without cutbacks or compromises. With our partners we share the same goals, using the endless possibilities of digitalisation and creating the future of insurance.

Our investors

Backed by top-notch investors from within the industry as well as classical growth investors, ELEMENT has raised EUR 67 mio until today.

Our team

ELEMENT consists of 120+ employees from 36 different nations. Every day, our team manages to push the boundaries between insurance, technology, regulation, and business functions a little bit further. Our heterogenous team is our strength.

Our management

Dr. Christian Macht
Chairman - CEO
Eric Schuh
Chief Insurance Officer | Chief Financial Officer | Deputy CEO
Philipp Hartz
Chief Operating Officer
Katarzyna Malolepszy
VP Technology Product
Igor Lutsenko
VP Engineering
Tim Kaltofen
VP Clients
Jörg Beyer
VP Insurance Product
Arno Bussmann
VP Data Solutions
Don Rorlach
VP Business Development

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