Our approach to ESG

At ELEMENT, our approach to ESG is built upon our current status quo and areas in which we aim to expand on. By creating transparency about our offerings, business as usual, investment practices and overall strategy, we lay the groundwork for ELEMENT's reporting and create a baseline. It allows us to be proud on what this young company has already achieved and measure ourselves against our objectives for the future.

As a leader in the seamless delivery of insurance products, we know what it means to bring innovation to an industry that will benefit from an increased focus on meeting today’s consumer wants and needs.

Our understanding

Our current understanding of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) is the first step necessary to understand what activities are currently practices at ELEMENT.


Engaging in business activities means engaging with people and the environment. It therefore becomes a duty to put our focus on creating a positive impact not only on the former but also the latter.We do so by adopting sustainable business approaches and strive towards minimizing our impact on the environment.


Our company's most precious asset is our team. Recognizing its significance, we support personal and professional goals of our employees. In addition, we are deeply committed to social causes and the communities we live in. We therefore strive to create an environment that embraces equality, diversity, and inclusivity in the workplace.


Being a licensed insurance carrier we not only hold obligations and duties towards our shareholders but also our regulator. By adhering to proper governance, we enhance our partnerships and provide our customers with valuable and reliable insurance offerings, embracing a sustainable business model.


Based on our three pillars, activities help us further break down our understanding of ESG and allows to to review our current efforts. It helps shape an understanding, in reference to future reporting requirements, where further work and reporting needs to be implemented.


CO2 friendly footprint


• Growing our employees
• Safeguarding our employees
• Providing an equitable and inclusive workplace
• Supporting Social causes


• Practicing sustainable business development
• Exercising strong governance and steering

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