We have the highest standards of ESG to be the frontrunner in the insurance industry.

We contribute to the improvement of the financial services industry by driving the sustainability shift towards a sustainable future, whilst building first-class insurance products for our partners.


We leave a positive footprint on our planet.


With the help of external consultants and measurement tools we derive our yearly CO2 footprint  and offset our emissions to zero.

Carbon prevention

We believe in going beyond simple carbon offsetting by tackling carbon at the source of emissions.

We improve processes, introduce programs and create policies that reduce our footprint.

Impact investing

We work with specialised asset managers that invest our funds into assets and indexes with the highest environmental standards.


We contribute to the collective well-being of people.

To accomplish that, we are taking measures in the dimensions of financial stability, education, development, culture and health. If we take action, it has to contribute to our two key values:


We strive to improve our employees’ well-being through a focus on respect, stability and support.


We strive to improve our workplace through a focus on safety, resourcefulness and engagement.


We ensure a fully transparent and fair structure which we grow our business upon.


As a BaFin regulated business, we fulfil the highest standards of regulation and compliance in financial services.

Review and

We strive to continue to improve and have taken the next steps with a thorough review of our policies.


Our governance serves as a basis which supports actions undertaken under both environmental and social aspects.


Our Net Zero Pledge.

We lead the insurance industry by becoming carbon neutral already in 2021 (with a dedication to offset since inception).
We are committed to fulfilling the highest standards across ESG – faster than anybody else in our sector.


We have achieved carbon neutrality on an operations level already in 2021.


We pledge to achieve carbon neutrality on the underwriting level by 2025


We pledge to achieve carbon neutrality on the asset management level by 2025

¹ Pushing suppliers and pending proper taxonomy


We collaborate to become better.


We support initiatives, of which 80% are currently in the European Union.

EcoTreeTrinite Langonnet Forest
in France

Ecotree is a sustainable forestry company specialized in optimizing carbon capture and preserving biodiversity through multiple sustainable forestry projects in Europe. The project in the Langonnet forest (Brittany, France) will deliver verified carbon sequestration amounting to 26,000 tons of tCO2 over its entire lifecycle. The project will soon be PEFC and FSC certified, guaranteeing its multiple, durable environmental benefits.

Ekovilla in Finland

Ekovilla offers carbon net-negative cellulose fibre insulation (CFI) made from renewable natural resources. One ton of Ekovilla’s CFI removes 1,11 tons of CO2 eq. Once CFI is installed, CO2 is locked and stored in buildings for decades.

Water Supply
in Rwanda

This project restores and repairs existing boreholes in Rwanda to provide clean drinking water to Rwandan communities. By removing the need to boil water over inefficient and wood-fueled fires, the project not only eliminates health risks, but significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions as well as deforestation pressures on surrounding forests where firewood is sourced.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We ensure a fully transparent and fair structure which we grow our business upon.
We already fulfill 11 out of 17 goals within the UN SDG framework.