Our offer

ELEMENT Insurance AG is a BaFin-licensed insurer in the P&C sector, empowering MGAs across Europe as a strategic ally to build and grow their business by accessing risk capacity.

As a digital and modern insurer, ELEMENT is licensed to operate as a risk carrier in all EU countries. We have a unique platform set up to address all MGA needs in term of risk steering, embedded insurance and other capacity opportunities across Europe.

Pan-European Expansion

Our pan-European license means our partners can use ELEMENT as their primary insurer in all 27 EU markets via Freedom of Service. Our partners can therefore benefit from one single process to scale across multiple geographies, overcoming different languages and local regulation hurdles.

Accessing Additional Risk Capacity

We provide additional capacity to our partners by accessing risk capacity, enabling them to enter local markets.

With our robust reinsurance set-up, MGAs can leverage additional capacity and access local markets effectively. Whether they choose to utilize our reinsurance resources or bring their own, we collaborate closely to develop bespoke solutions that meet their specific needs.

Partner Relations

At ELEMENT, we prioritize delivering results in weeks –rather than months or years. We adjust our speed according to our partners’ needs and preferences, and our dedicated partner onboarding and account management teams ensure a customized and tailored experience that aligns with our partners’ goals and objectives.

Data-driven Insights & Exchange

Leveraging our extensive market experience and comprehensive data analytics, we provide valuable market insights to experienced MGAs with proven success in specific products. While granting them underwriting and claims handling authority, we enable data-driven decision-making that enhances the speed, flexibility, reliability, and efficiency of our insurance solutions.

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