Enter the EU - one of the largest insurance markets in the world

With only one process to scale across multiple geographies simultaneously, overcoming different languages and local regulation, it will be possible to passport the license to multiple EU countries in a matter of weeks (something that is already possible in 10+ countries) instead of dealing with lengthy, broken, slow processes with traditional insurers.

What we can do for you

01  ELEMENT is your European partner
Due to our insurance license, we provide access to markets in all 27 EU countries, supporting you and your partners all along the way:  From establishing an MGA, developing a safe and secure insurance product, taking care of legal concerns, setting up operations and bank accounts, and providing a completely digital after sales setup. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on the most important thing: Your customers!
02  Leveraging Freedom of Service in the EEA
We offer a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to expand their footprint across Europe. Leveraging cutting-edge technology solutions, we have developed a modular platform that's easily integrable, making it an ideal choice for companies seeking to streamline their operations.
03 One international onboarding
One process to scale across multiple geographies simultaneously, overcoming different languages and local regulation hurdles
04  Do not worry about insurance capacity
We are a fully licensed insurer and we take care of re-insurance. Furthermore, we work with some of the largest reinsurers in the world to provide the highest security standards.
05  Go-to-Market in record speed
With our structured onboarding we will get you to your Go-to-Market in record speed as we guide you to all requirements and regulations in the EEA. Our dedicated partner onboarding team will lead you through all necessary steps to deliver a digital and seamlessly integrated insurance product to you and your customers.
06  Utilize the access to our distribution network
Entering a new market is starting from square one when it comes to the network. We will bring you together with the right people to kick start your distribution channels.  

an insurer as a partner.

Licensed insurance company

ELEMENT has a full license from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) for non-life insurance. We can completely underwrite our solutions, therefore ensuring maximum flexibility and security. Our license enables us conduct business across all EU countries.

Our experts

Our multi-skilled team is our strength: insurance, technology, regulatory, actuarial, underwriting and business experts enable us to create innovative and legally compliant products that are already changing the future of insurance

State-of-the-art tech and easy integration

Our cloud-based micro-service architecture offers a modern infrastructure as well as the highest possible security.

We offer various technical possibilities to connect. Together we find the best solution to integrate products via REST APIs or  Bordereau.

Start building your insurance solution with us