Accessing Additional Risk Capacity

We can provide additional capacity to our partners to access reinsurance capacity or enter local markets. As the "fronting insurer," we can issue an insurance policy on behalf of another insurance company which takes the insurance risk via instrument reinsurance. The term "fronting" basically refers to accessing risk capacity through partnerships with other insurers.

Partner selection

Selecting the right partner is required to ensure that the partner aligns with the fronting insurer's strategic objectives, has a solid reputation, and possesses the necessary financial stability and regulatory compliance.

If you are looking for a German carrier, let's have a conversation and explore the possibilities of a partnership.

Embracing Technology

Leveraging technology and implementing smart business rules can streamline underwriting, enhance risk assessment, and improve overall operational efficiency. Automated systems can help in evaluating risk exposure, setting appropriate premium levels, and expediting policy issuance. By embracing these tools, ELEMENT as a fronting insurer can reduce the margin for error and be competitive in the market.

The importance of a solid balance sheet

Building and maintaining a robust balance sheet is a critical aspect of the fronting business model. This serves as a financial safety net to cover potential losses or liquidity gaps caused by delays in claims payments or unforeseen contingencies.  We are a reliable partner, as we hold a German insurer license, regulated by BaFin and central to operate across the EU countries. No P&C carrier ever went bankrupt in Germany.

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